At Silensec we believe that access to education is the most important instrument available to people to ensure that they have equal chances in life to be successful. Being educated simply means being free. Depriving a person of the right to know means depriving that person of the right to be free. When it comes to professional education this holds true even more. In many parts of the world for instance, a commercial training course can cost as much as 20 times the monthly salary of a primary school teacher. In many cases the brightest of students leaving university have no chance to self-fund their professional education and increase their career opportunities unless they work with a company that is willing to sponsor additional training.

For over a decade we have delivered Information Security training and consultancy services to major organizations internationally from a wide range of sectors. At the same time we have often sponsored students who could not afford our services and that is how the Silensec Academy Project started.

 Silensec courses have been taught around the world. Some of the universities include:

  • Sheffield Hallam University (UK)
  • University of Nairobi (KE)
  • Universita Parthenope of Naples (ITA)

Silensec Africa

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Silensec UK

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