Silensec is an Information Security Management Consulting and Training company. Silensec was initially created to utilise the skills of renowned professionals in Information Security, as a direct response to what we felt was a lack of practical training in the industry. Today, we collaborate with hundreds of clients worldwide to deliver a wide range of Information Security services. These services are both cost effective and strictly aimed towards our clients’ business goals.

Company History

Silensec was founded by Dr. Almerindo Graziano to initially provide training and consultancy services in information security and IT governance. Since then we at Silensec have provided training and consulting services to 353 clients around the world.

In 2009 we founded Silensec Africa in Nairobi, Kenya to be able to service clients in the African region. Over the last few years, Silensec has built strong relationships with consulting companies and opinion leaders in the international arena. That has allowed the company to achieve a greater area of expertise, an improved operational flexibility and above all, a better understanding of clients' needs.

Silensec HQ (Cyprus)

Silensec Africa

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Silensec Corp. (USA)

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