Bypassing Comodo Internet Security

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This post discusses the issues that arise from the reliance on user-mode control flow monitoring techniques for the implementation of systems such as Host Based Intrusion Detection Systems, Sandboxes, Function Tracers, etc. It focuses on a single HIPS product offered by Comodo [1], a well respected company that helps the community by offering a number of their products free of charge. However, the techniques used by this product are not completely bulletproof and can be exploited by malicious agents to disable its protection barriers or circumvent Operating System protections and deliver an unwanted payload.

Throughout the next paragraphs we will briefly analyze the techniques used by the Comodo Internet Security Premium product to install the HIPS technology for monitoring a single application as well as the environmental effects it has inside the processes’ address space. We shall then introduce the dangers and attack vectors this technique creates and eventually provide an example proof of concept technique to stop the monitor’s installation.

Additionally, we will illustrate that the changes made by this software to the address space of a process can eventually allow the creation of external attack vectors that enable the exploitation of a specific software vulnerabilities that was previously thought to be improbable due to operating system protection barriers.

Finally, we shall introduce a proof of concept program that automatically applies the example technique to an arbitrary executable file in order to automate the process of evading the HIPS installation therefore, illustrating how malicious programs can implement this technique to improve the infection and propagation phases of their attack.


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