ISO22301 is the international standard defining the requirements for the development of Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). Like for any other standard, the interpretation of its requirements and following implementation is responsibility of the organization wishing to comply with the standard. Unlike other processes, business continuity is the one which, by definition, has the highest impact on the business and is therefore the most sensitive to oversights and mistakes by the organization. The inability to correctly interpret and meet the ISO22301 requirements can be quite costly for an organization in terms of the time needed to reach compliance but most and foremost in terms of the business impact.

Silensec can help an organization achieve compliance with ISO22301 by helping the organization in:

  • Defining a suitable scope of compliance
  • Managing all development phases of the BCMS
  • Assisting in building the BCMS organizational culture
  • Liaising with the Certification Body and manage the ISO22301 Certification process

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