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The Silensec R&D team has developed a comprehensive platform to assist cyber security enthusiasts and professionals in developing their individual and corporate cyber capabilities. Our platform delivers the ability to create, share and deliver, realistic hands-on scenario training. The platform can serve both individuals and thousands of simultaneous users, either as a cloud based application, or an on-premise solution. Cyber Ranges is currently equipped with hundreds of realistic hands-on scenarios, of varying difficulty levels (from novice to complex enterprise setups), and the scenario library is being updated constantly.


What is Cyber Ranges?

Cyber Ranges is a platform for the development, delivery and use of interactive simulation environments. A simulation environment is a representation of an organisation’s ICT, OT, mobile and physical systems, applications and infrastructures, including the simulation of attacks, users and their activities and of any other Internet, public or third-party services which the simulated environment may depend upon. Cyber Ranges includes a combination of core technologies for the realisation and use of the simulation environment and of additional components which are, in turn, desirable or required for achieving specific Cyber Ranges use cases.

– European Cyber Security Organisation, March 2020.



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