Nyuki Android Lock Cracker

Nyuki Android Lock Cracker (androidlockcracker) is a python script capable of cracking and generating the default Android lock hashes for PIN, Password and Gesture screen locks. It offers a number of options when cracking a hash, such as password length, character restrictions, wordlist and gridsize. It can be used to retrieve a device's password given that access to the hash files is available.

Application Features

  • Crack PIN, complex password or gesture screen lock hashes
  • Generate custom PIN, password or gesture screen lock hashes
  • Bruteforce and wordlist cracking
  • Specify password length or length range
  • Specify alpha, numeric, symbols or combinations for cracking (default: numeric)


Source Code

You may find the source code of this application at the following link:


Or, you may download the source code by executing the following command:

git clone https://github.com/georgenicolaou/androidlockcracker.git



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