Nyuki SIMFor - SIM Card Forensics

Nyuki SimFor is is an open source application for Linux systems, designed to extract the file contents of a (U)SIM card for forensic investigations. It supports direct communication with USB-to-Serial bridge controllers that can be purchased at a cheap price. It uses the APDU protocol to communicate with the SIM card in order to discover and extract the necessary records.

Application Features

  • Partial extraction of known (U)SIM files
  • Full (Bruteforce) extraction of all present files (Could take a few hours to complete)
  • Output to XML file
  • Support for automated decoding of files


Source Code

You canfind the source code of this application at the following link:


Or, you may download the source code by executing the following command:

git clone https://github.com/georgenicolaou/simfor.git



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