Silensec Offers Training in various areas to ensure you have a holistic approach when it comes to organizational security, compliance and personal development.



Comply with international security best practice and standards through Silensec turnkey services. Develop effective management systems to ensure true security.



Monitoring and Detection

Let us assist you in choosing and deploying the right solutions for SIEMs, log management, data analytics, fraud detection and more. We know how to solve complex challenges.


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Information Security Since 1998


Some of our recent courses

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  • Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis I (REMA) is a hands on training course through which the student will develop the
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  • Mobile and Mobile Banking Security is a practical course designed to address the risks of using mobile devices for both
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  • Computer Forensics is a practical, hands-on training course designed to transfer skills in responding to security breaches and carry out
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