It is an accepted fact that a good security posture is based on the ability of the organization to protect, detect and react. Most organization spend most of their effort in protecting themselves through a combination of technologies (e.g. firewalls, antivirus etc) and regular auditing and testing. Unfortunately, very few organizations have the ability to detect a breach or any other security incident until long after the incident has occurred. Even when a breach has been identified, many organizations have limited ability to react and to perfom a successful investigation due to poor monitoring and event collection. Silensec can help an organization develop effective monitoring processes where technology is only a means to an end and not the solution to security monitoring.


Silensec can help an organization in the followin areas:

  • Competence building across all areas of monitoring and detection
  • Requirements analysis
  • Choosing the right technology to meet specific requirements
  • Integration and configuration of monitoring and detection technologies
  • Ongoing technical support

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