Log Management is a key process for most organizations in order to ensure compliance with business, legal, regulatory and contractual requirements. The convergence of Log Management and SIEM technologies has made it even more difficult for an organization to choose a solution that will meet its needs. Most organizations deal with log management by simply choosing a log management technology and starting logging everything, just in case! Unfortunately such an approach forces the organization to continuously invest in more storage, processing power and technology licensing to support the growing number of logs. Meanwhile performance and usability often degrade to unusable standards.

Very few organization clearly know why they need to log, what logs need to be collected, logs retention period and log security requirements. Even fewer organizations have clear roles and responsibilities with regards to the overall logging process, including log collection, log review and reporting.

As an indepented consultancy company, Silensec will help in:

    • Choosing the right Log Management technologies

    • Technology deployment and configuration

    • Developing a documented Log Management Process, including clear roles and responsibilities

    • Competence building

    • Support

Why Silensec

    • We have field experience in working with different log management technologies

    • Our competence building services go beyond the standard vendor training

    • We have the know how to develop effective and efficient log management processes, where technology is only a means to an end and not the solution to the problem!

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