Purchasing a SIEM is one of the biggest investments an organization will ever make and, as for any such investment, it comes with accountability and having to ensure return on investment (ROI) and effectiveness. Someone will eventually be asked to answer the questions “What did all the money achieve? Did the SIEM we purchased deliver its promises?”

Most organizations face a difficult decision when it comes to choosing the right SIEM pressured by a range of vendors, each claiming to be best, and in the end turning with hope to Gartner's SIEM quadrant. Unfortunately every organization is different and what works for one will not be the best for another. As an indepented consultancy company, Silensec will help in:

    • Choosing the right SIEM

    • SIEM deployment and configuration

    • Process development

    • Competence building

    • Support

Why Silensec

    • We have field experience in working with different SIEM technologies

    • Our competence building services go beyond the standard vendor training

    • We understand that a SIEM is only a technology and that processes need to be developed and managed in order to ensure the success of a SIEM.

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