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Zero-day in popular jQuery plugin actively exploited for at least three years

For the past three years, hackers have abused a zero-day in one of the most popular jQuery plugins to plant web shells and take over vulnerable web servers.

A security researcher discovered the vulnerability in the plugin's source code that handles file uploads to PHP servers.

According to the researcher, attackers have abused this vulnerability to upload malicious files on servers, such as backdoors and web shells.


Tracking Tick through recent campaigns targeting East Asia

Since 2016, an advanced threat group that Cisco Talos is tracking has carried out cyberattacks against South Korea and Japan. This group is known by several different names: Tick, Redbaldknight and Bronze Butler.

Although each campaign employed custom tools, reseachers observed recurring patterns in the actor's use of infrastructure, from overlaps in hijacked command and control (C2) domains to differing campaign C2s resolving to the same IP.


Major Hacks of the Week

Cyber Espionage Campaign Reuses Code from China's APT1

Several US organizations appear to be victims of a widespread data reconnaissance campaign involving malware last associated with Comment Crew aka APT1, a Chinese military-linked group that is believed responsible for stealing data from dozens of American companies between 2006 & 2010.

The attack group behind the latest campaign has carried out at least five separate waves of attacks against organizations in various sectors, the latest in June.


Online market for counterfeit goods in Russia has reached $1,5 billion

Group-IB, an international company that specializes in the prevention of cyber attacks, has estimated that online sales of counterfeit goods are now worth $1.5 billion.

This information was first made public by experts from Group-IB's Brand Protection team at the Cyber Crime Con 2018 international cybersecurity conference.

According to Group-IB, the online market for counterfeit goods in Russia has increased by 23% in a year and totaled more than $1.5 billion in 2017, compared to $1.2 billion in 2016.


Major Vulnerabilities Disclosed

Critical flaw found in streaming library used by VLC and other media players

Security researchers have discovered a serious code execution vulnerability in the LIVE555 Streaming Media library - which is being used by popular media players including VLC and MPlayer, along with a number of embedded devices capable of streaming media.

LIVE555 streaming media, developed and maintained by Live Networks, is a set of C++ libraries companies and application developers use to stream multimedia over open standard protocols like RTP/RTCP, RTSP or SIP.

Read more... Flaws Exposed Tinder, Shopify, Yelp Users to XSS Attacks

Hundreds of millions of users may have been exposed to cross-site scripting XSS attacks due to a vulnerability present in, a service used by Tinder, Shopify, Yelp and many others.

Researchers analyzed Tinder and other dating applications when they discovered a Tinder domain, go(dot)tinder(dot)com, that had multiple XSS vulnerabilities.


Legal, Regulatory and Corporate
Security and Beyond

Safaricom Increases Voice, Data, SMS Cost Following Finance Law

Safaricom has formally announced that they have reviewed their prices for various services they offer thanks to the recently passed Finance Act of 2018.

In the Finance Act 2018, excise duty tax applicable on voice, SMS and Data services was increased to 15% from 10% and this is on top of the VAT applicable on this mobile services which is at 16%.


Czech intelligence service shuts down Hezbollah hacking operation

The Czech Security Intelligence Service (BIS) has intervened and taken down servers that have been used by Hezbollah operatives to target and infect users around the globe with mobile malware.

BIS said the servers were located in the Czech Republic, and the agency was "almost certain" they were operated by Hezbollah, an Islamist political party and militant group based in Lebanon, which the US and fellow NATO countries have labeled as a terrorist organization.


Security Awareness Tip

Cybersecurity for Businesses

We’ve all heard of cyber crime and the need to protect ourselves from it. What we may not know is how seriouly it can affect our businesses. It’s time to start taking the issue seriously!

Here are the essential steps that a businesses can take to tackle cyber threats:

  1. Identify all possible threats
  2. Make Cyber Security a business priority
  3. Leverage existing schemes
  4. Assume that you’ll be hacked (or have already been hacked)
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