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Researchers Claim Correlation Between Terror Attacks, Cyber-Activity

Researchers at Cytegic report that they have discovered a link between terrorist attacks and cyberterror activities immediately before and after those attacks.

According to the activity graphs in its March 23 report, cyberattacks increase dramatically shortly after the attacks took place. Attacks aimed in large part against government and media activities on the Internet, and took form of denial-of-service (DOS) attacks, defacements, phishing attacks including email, socialengineering and malware injection. Read more...



US bank fended off 513 trojans last year alone!

The most beleaguered bank in the US was hit with 513 financial trojans last year, says Symantec threat bod Candid Wueest. The unnamed bank and Symantec customer was in the crosshairs of 78.2 percent of all financial trojans seen by the security firm last year.

It is unknown if any of the malware samples gained a foothold in the bank's networks.

The bruised bank is but one of 547 organizations and Symantec clients to have been hit with some of the 656 trojans seen by the firm. Read more...




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American Express issued a notice of data breach

 American Express is warning Cardholders of a possible incident occurred to a third party service provider. The name of the affected service provider has not been made public. According to them, data associated with current or previously issued American Express cards might have been stolen by hackers.

The information obtained by unauthorized parties includes account numbers, names, and expiration dates. American Express confirmed that cardholders are not liable for any fraudulent charges, at the same time is inviting them to monitor their account for fraud. Read more...



Anonymous goes negative on Trump... again!

Hacktivist group Anonymous declared "total war" on Donald Trump, urging hackers to knock the billionaire's websites offline as it put the Republican front-runner in its sights for the second time.

In a video posted Tuesday, a representative of the group called on hackers to attack Trump's websites and reveal any personal information about the candidate they unearth. It also addressed Trump directly. Read more...




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U.S. plans to publicly blame Iran for dam cyber breach

The Obama administration is preparing to publicly attribute a 2013 cyber attack against a New York dam to Iranian hackers, according to U.S. officials familiar with the investigation.

The Justice Department has prepared an indictment against people thought to be behind the attack, according to the officials. The hackers managed only to get access to some back office systems, not the operational systems of the dam, U.S. officials say. U.S. Read more...




China is building a big data platform for "precrime"

It's "precrime" meets "thought crime." China is using its substantial surveillance apparatus as the basis for a "unified information environment" that will allow authorities to profile individual citizens based upon their online behaviors, financial transactions, where they go, and who they see.

The Chinese government is leveraging "predictive policing" capabilities that have been used by US law enforcement, and it has funded research into machine learning and other artificial intelligence technologies to identify human faces in surveillance video. Read more...





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