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Phishers Change Tack to Target Corporates!

Cyber-criminals have rapidly adapted their phishing campaigns over the past year, abandoning social media lures in favor of a new focus on business users with communication notification templates, according to Proofpoint.

“While an important tool, user education cannot be the last line of defense,” Proofpoint, Inc. warned. “Organizations should deploy automated defenses capable of detecting and blocking threats that do not look or behave like previously known threats.” Read more... Phishing Scam Duping Travelers!

​An undisclosed number of travelers who use may have been victims of a phishing scheme.

The company said some customers were recently tricked into disclosing their names, phone numbers, email addresses and travel bookings. An individual was reportedly able to convince customers that they represented either or the hotel where they booked a stay through phony emails and SMS messages, according to an email sent to travelers this week.

Unsuspecting travelers who stay at hotels are consistently a prime target for hackers. Read more...



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Big Data Installs Spark Security Concerns.

About half—55%—of respondents in a recent survey said that they were operating big data systems in full production, pilot or proof-of-concept, stages, and that 28% plan to have big data applications deployed within the next two years. That opens up serious security concerns. According to the report from SANS Institute, the primary data types respondent organizations are managing in their big data systems include personally identifiable information (PII, 73%), employee records (64%), intellectual property (59%), payment card information (53%) and national security intelligence data (40%). Additionally, it was shown that organizations are coming under increased compliance pressure, with 83% reporting that their big data systems must comply with one or more regulatory standards. Read more...

Syrian Electronic Army Claims It Hacked US Army Website!

​The US army website has been taken offline after it was apparently hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). The group, took credit for the hack via Twitter and left several messages on the site before it was taken down. Read more...

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As federal agency reels from massive data breach, Chinese hackers blamed

The US government is badly leaking data. And China, the prime suspect in the latest data breach, isn't helping. The most recent victim of a massive data breach is the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the federal agency responsible for vetting about 90 percent of the people for working in the federal government. Read more...



 Assume your GitHub account is hacked, users with weak crypto keys told

GitHub has revoked an unknown number of cryptographic keys used to access accounts after a developer found they contained a catastrophic weakness that came to light some seven years ago. The keys, which allow authorized users to log into public repository accounts belonging to the likes of Spotify, Yandex, and UK government developers, were generated using a buggy pseudo random number generator originally contained in the Debian distribution of Linux. Read more...


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