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Anonymous Leaks Paris Climate Summit Officials' Private Data

Hackers have leaked the private login details of nearly 1,415 officials at the UN climate talks in Paris in an apparent act of protest against arrests of activists in the city.

Anonymous, the hacktivist movement, hacked the website of the summit organisers, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and posted names, phone numbers, usernames, email addresses, and secret questions and answers onto an anonymous publishing site. Read more...



GCHQ can hack your systems at will – thanks to 'soft touch' oversight

‪‎Privacy International claimed that previously secret documents, and witness statements produced by GCHQ, show that, among other things, overseas hacking does not require authorisations to name or describe a particular piece of equipment, or an individual user of the equipment.
The complaints follow the outing of GCHQ's "Operation Socialist", in which the spooks attacked Belgacom, the largest telecommunications company in Belgium, to gain access to its core GRC routers – ultimately for the purpose of running man-in-the-middle attacks against targets roaming with smartphones. Read more...



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How TV ads silently ping commands to phones

Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) warned that an Indian firm called SilverPush has technology that allows adverts to ping inaudible commands to smartphones and tablets.

Imagine sitting in front of the telly with your smartphone nearby. An advert comes on during the show you're watching, and it has a SilverPush ultrasonic message embedded in it. This is picked up by an app on your mobile, which pings a media network with information about you, and could even display followup ads and links on your handheld. Read more...


Hacker group: We'll wipe ISIS off the Internet

‪‎Hacker‬ collective Anonymous‬ has declared "war is unleashed" against ISIS, the Islamic militant group that claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks that occurred Friday in Paris. Anonymous, a loosely affiliated group of Internet‬ users who ‪‎hack‬ and spread leaked information, said its #OpParis‬ campaign aims to strip ISIS of one of its most valuable weapons: the Internet.

Anonymous has leveled its ire at a huge variety of individuals, groups and companies that it perceives as crossing ethical and moral lines. Their attacks involve leaking documents and taking down websites with a form of attack called distributed denial of service, which overwhelms websites with too many requests. Read more...


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Password-pilfering app exposes weakness in iOS and Android vetting process

Highlighting crucial weaknesses in Apple's and Google's processes for admitting new titles into their competing app stores, both companies have ejected a third-party Instagram app after discovering it probably pilfered user passwords and pictures.

InstaAgent, as the app was called, marketed itself as a program that tracked people who visited a user's Instagram account. It had between 100,000 and 500,000 downloads from Google's Play Store and was in the top charts of the iOS App Store. But behind the scenes, an app developer said earlier this week, the app sent users' Instagram login credentials to a server controlled by the InstaAgent developer. Google was the first to pull the app. Apple later followed. Read more...


Ransomware Now Gunning for Your Web Sites

One of the more common and destructive computer crimes to emerge over the past few years involves ransomware — malicious code that quietly scrambles all of the infected user’s documents and files with very strong encryption.  A ransom, to be paid in Bitcoin, is demanded in exchange for a key to unlock the files.

Ransomware being the new big thing, is very common on windows. However, The newest randsomware called linux.encoder.1 no longer targets individuals but Websites. Specifically linux web servers.

It gets access through third party add-on software.


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