Value-Added Security
Systems Integration

Acquiring a tool is an excellent way to guard your environment; however, properly integrating the control in your network is of paramount importance.

Silensec specializes in the deployment and integration of a range of security controls such as WAFs, DAMs, SIEMs as well as data classification and DLP solutions.

Silensec knows how to solve complex challenges and assists organizations to choose and deploy the right solutions for SIEM, log management, data analytics, fraud detection, and more.

Security Software

Thanks to its long, vendor-agnostic, in-depth system integration and specialist consulting experience, Silensec has also developed unique software tools for effective security posture management:

  • User Access Management – UAM
  • Daedalos Vulnerability Detection
User Access Management
User Access Management (UAM) by Silensec

UAM by Silensec automates the user access management process in an organization.

UAM by Silensec achieves it through the creation of custom workflows per system and layers of access such as Database, OS or application level.

UAM by Silensec allows employees and contractors to make access requests directly on the UAM application.

The UAM platform facilitates the process of enabling user access to specific systems and layers of Access by boosting notifications via web dashboard and email to approvers as required in the approval chain for a specific system.

Each approver involved in the loop can autonomously decide to approve or reject a request directly in UAM, thus minimizing the possibility of human errors experienced when using a manual paper-based process which can be tedious at times.

User Access Management by Silensec
UAM by Silensec

Key functionalities of UAM by Silensec

  • Onboarding of systems, which are further split into their different layers of access i.e. Operating System, Application and Database levels
  • Facilitating user access requests for different layers of access in a system
  • Creation of request approval workflows, which provides an extensible, flexible, and easy management of the approval path workflows for accounts creation in specific systems and layer of access
  • Ticket management, where tickets are automatically sent out once a ticket is created, as the approval process progresses. and when escalation is triggered
  • Automation of user access review, where user review workflows are automatically initiated periodically to allow the system owners review users who have existing access
  • Use of connectors to fetch users who actually have access to different layers of access
  • Discovery of databases in the environment.
Deadalos Vulnerability Detection
At Silensec we pride ourselves for designing, developing, and promoting effective hands-on security, including secure code. ‘Bugs’ inevitably exist in software because of:
  • Bad project management
  • Use of poorly tested third party components
…but bugs lead to software vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities are often used by malicious agents to compromise the security controls of business platforms and engage in illegal or unethical activities. The increase in complexity of software systems especially Operating Systems, have significantly increased the exposure risk of their users. More Complex System → More Bugs → More De-bugging Effort → More $ spend Our Security Research has developed Daedalos to help you prevent vulnerabilities in software. In Greek mythology, Daedalus stands for skillful architect and craftsman.

The benefits

Deadalos cuts Software Vulnerability Analysis Time down!

  • Daedalos automates the process and the human factor is removed from the equation this means that the testing costs will be significantly reduced.
  • Daedalos requires only a few minutes to complete an analysis report without the need to access the source code of the application therefore protecting the intellectual rights of the software owner.
  • Daedalos offers the capability to dynamically protect software using Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) techniques deployed on the application itself thus preventing malicious attackers from triggering vulnerabilities.
UAM by Silensec

How Daedalos works

Deadalos by Silensec is a black-box vulnerability detection service that scans production-level software written in compiled languages (e.g., C/C++) for common vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows, command injections, race conditions and others.

  • black box means that we have no information about the software
  • production level = the same software companies publish or give their clients
  • compiled languages are Programs that run directly in a low-level environment on the processor. So, NO C#, PHP, ASP, Python, etc.
  • Vulnerabilities = those are examples of vulnerability names, we are covering the top most critical flaws and vulnerabilities, as listed in Common Weakness Enumeration – CWE, which is the official MITRE published vulnerability database.

Binary vulnerability analysis is not related to anything Web. We are testing low-level usually safety critical systems such as executable files. For example, some things that fall under this are:

  • The Windows and Linux kernel (what makes those OS run)
  • Web server programs (apache, nginx, IIS) that actually host the websites on them
  • SCADA/OT systems (like controller software, sensors, etc. that run on IoT devices)
  • Programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Windows Calculator, MS Outlook, etc.)

How to access Daedalos

Deadalos is available as a service:
  • A customer can submit executable files for analysis
  • A Report is generated within minutes and the user is presented with the options of
    • Downloading the report
    • Selecting private debug symbols to generate a more detailed report
  • Customer downloads or views report.
Interested? For more information, quotes, and how to access Daedalos, please contact us
UAM by Silensec
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